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One of the earliest recorded surgical procedures, of any kind, was that of nasal reconstruction in India in approximately 800 BC. During that time, removal of the nose was performed as punishment. Doctors then used the forehead skin to re-create the nose. Amazingly, the same technique is still utilized today… or at least last week for me. After centuries of little recorded history, nasal reconstruction was reintroduced by the Italians in the 1600’s. They developed techniques utilizing movement of the skin from the arm to the face, in order to recreate the nose. This too, is still occasionally used (2 months ago for me). The Germans developed aesthetic rhinoplasty procedures in the 1800’s. All of these techniques have continued to undergo refinements, culminating in the modern rhinoplasty.
As with most of technology and medicine, there is a trend to develop more complex and invasive rhinoplasty procedures. Although I perform these complex procedures in select cases, it is important to realize that the nose is not the same as an iPhone. The nose is very delicate (so too is the screen of my iPhone). The nose usually does not like extensive, complex procedures. The nose follows a concept that I hold true too, “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should.” Many of the basic tenets of nasal surgery were developed thousands of years ago and those principles are still practiced today. And unlike a new iPhone, new is not always better. More to come…..